What are the QR Codes and how do they work with Nokia Lumia

Although QR Codes are very much in the market since previous years but still you still you don't know what are the QR Codes? These are matrix barcode that can be read by scanners and mobile phones having camera. They are extremely helpful for quick linking to content on smart-phones. Previously I have been using iPhone and I had the app that can read QR codes. But this time I am using Nokia Lumia smartphone and still I am making use of these QR Codes. Let see how these codes can be used by you:

What is QR code and how it works

  • If you have an app on your laptop and you wish to have the same app on your phone, then QR code is the best solution for you. The code appears at the end of page. Scan the code with your mobile phone and you get what you wanted.
  • If you going for a trip to abroad, you can get the QR Code of famous places. Using this code you can know where it is located and the exact way to reach there.
  • I remember when I was following dieting plan sometimes I have to visit restaurants with my friends. Many restaurants have QR codes with their menu. On scanning these codes you get all the detailed information about the ratio of all ingredients. You get to know the amount of fat and calories in a particular dish.
  • Have you ever visited museum? If yes then you must have seen that each item carries a specific code with them. This is a QR code that can let you know the inside story about a certain item. Definitely, they add a lot to your knowledge.

Many times before visiting to cinema I have scanned movie posters to watch the tailors. We all know that this is mobile era and we are heavily dependent on our mobiles in our daily life, QR codes are going to become more common in coming years. If you are having Nokia Lumia, try with it. Come-on, it’s fun!!!!!!!

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  1. Napatool July 29, 2012 at 12:59 am #

    Unlikely, i’m still not understanding that what is the QR code, is it an other unique name to a human? or its something else, please explain. thank you

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