Top VoIP Providers in Pakistan Review

Pakistan is one the hot VoIP market due to a huge papulation and expensive calling rates.Therefore people inside the Pakistan as well as outsiders who want to call pakistan look for the cheapest calling rates.Here in this article we will give you some information about major VoIP based providers in Pakistan which can provide you calling services alternatively and cheaper than PTCL. This guide more helps those who belong to corporate sectors but home users will also find this interesting.

Wateen . Wateen is one of the first major VOIP based services provider in the Pakistan. It's services are being used by many international carreirs to terminate calls in Pakistan. They provide different type of calling services such as PRI, Voice on Fiber, SIP trunk, Softphone with different Pakistan local cities numbers. Their rates are quite reasonable and I'd say they offer cheapest calling rates in Pakistan so far I seen, YES beleive me their rates are even cheaper than PTCL. Beside that Wateen also provides Internet/Broadband services to home users as well as to corporate small offices.

BrainTel – BrainTel is the only provider which is very famous among ourseas Pakistani community as it provides you local Pakistan (021, 042, 051 and many other cities) number in anywhere in the world. How it works is, you can get a readymade number configured phone set from BrainTel and take it to anywhere in the world. So let's say you have a Lahore's number phone in Dubai, anyone from Pakistan will dial you local as 042-xxxxxx and you will do the same. Obviously you or someone will pay your bill in Pakistan :)

However, we are not sure if BrainTel is still offering this service. Although it can be confirmed from them through their above given website.

Telecard – TeleCard Ltd is my favorite provider as they not only provide all the VoIP, SIP, PRI, Fiber, Ariel Fiber, Landline but the best thing with TCL is, they provide fully redandant and backup system for small business. For example, if you are using their connection, if for some reason their fiber or internet connection goes down, you will be roll over to their Wireless link seamlessly. If we talk about Telecard rate, they are slightly high from Wateen but much better as compare to PTCL. Please note, PTCL is lossing its market as soon as more providers are jumping in the market. So if you are much concerned with the quality of services and bear the cost, then we would suggest, Telecard is the best provider in the Pakistan.

Wordcall – Worldcall is one the reading broadband and TV cable provider in main cities of the Pakistan. This company mainly target consumers to use thier Wireless phone services. Worldcall offers very cheap calling rates to the wireless phone customers, like you will get 1000Rs of vaule free balance on new connection. As we mentioned earlier WC rates are very cheap i.e Worldcall 2 Worldcall free, WC to mobile 55 paisa/30 sec and the same rate for Landline and NWD calls.

There could be many other VoIP based providers in Pakistan but these are the many palyers we know. If you know any other well known company who provide VOIP based services to the users in pakistan as well as to overseas Pankistanis then please share with us.

If you are looking for Corporate services then definitely you should go for the Wateen or Telecard. PTCL also provides VoIP based services but they offer hosted solution which may not suit everyone.

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2 Responses to Top VoIP Providers in Pakistan Review

  1. Rashid July 19, 2012 at 12:35 am #

    This is one of the best and detail information regarding Pakistan telco providers, a few years ago I was using braintel phone as well here in Dubai but that offer is no more valid i guess , that’s what my cousin told me living there in pk. Hoping to get some other same type of package :)

  2. bazeed August 2, 2012 at 11:41 pm #

    I am still interesting to get braintel type services in uk which help me to call pakistan as local, definitely i will pay bill in Pakistan, as it has pk local number. people used to call me too on this number, but this service no more available i guess. let me know if you can help to get such like plan. thanks in advance

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