Top 5 Wireless IP Phones



  • Linksys WIP300

The Linksys WIP300 is one of the best IP phones which has large display and fully colored. It also supports SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) protocols for signaling. It has the security features like WPA  (Wi-Fi protected Access). Plus it  uses  802.11g Wi-Fi network to give best quality VoIP. 


  • Cisco 7920

This phone is for corporate environments, unless we use devices like ATA (Analog Telephone Adapters) or routers built with Cisco. The Cisco IP wireless phone gives brilliant features like security, voice quality, flexibility and advanced management but it works more efficiently when equipped with Cisco networks.


  • ZyXEL Prestige 2000W

It is an effective IP phone regardless of its monochrome screen. It uses SIP signaling protocols over 802.11g networks which enables it to get connected directly with WAN like a web server.


  • NetGear SPH101

It is the world’s first and  such an amazing IP phone which is equipped with skype. It is for skype users. Now you don’t have to use computer for free online calls because it enables us to make online calls from the phone.


  • Linksys CIT200

It is a rather cheap phone for the features it provides but it can be used with skype. It has color screen and its base can be connected through USB. It  is a cordless phone. It comes with handset which enables it to make skypeout dialing.

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