Top 5 Android cell phones


Nowadays consumers as well as manufacturers love android phones. Because android phones gives you everything you want and also manufacturers have started producing dozen of android cell phones, because of demand of the customers. Even poor consumers are able to buy android phones. There is a tough competition between different models of the cell phones that even customers get confused, which cell phone is to buy. So here are the top five best android phones which will surely give you some idea when purchasing android phone.

Samsung Nexus S:-

The Nexus One is the first android phone introduced by Google. It was the first Smartphone, which was extremely impressive. It has 1GHz processor which efficiently runs the applications without any disturbance. It also has AMOLED display which gives you every color of life, it has one of the beautiful display manufactured up till now. The only problem in this phone is that it does not support any memory card but it is fixed with 16GB. But this is also acceptable.

It is one of the very few mobiles which support Gingerbread. This mobile also has 4G connectivity which makes it really fast.


HTC Thunderbolt:-

HTC is well known for manufacturing smartphones which are reliable, fast, responsive and more solid as compared to other phones. HTC has never disappointed its customers through its new models. 

The new model HTC Thunderbolt has snapdragon processor and new Adreno GPU, which means that this phone is really awesome. This phone has the 4G connectivity which makes this phone amazingly fast. The only problem is that, this 4G connectivity eats the battery of the phone more quickly. It is not much sleek and slim as compared to Nexus One or others, but its big screen and resolution attracts its users.


Motorola Atrix 4G:-

Motorola is usually weak at making android phones due to its boot loader policies. But Atrix 4G is an amazing phone manufactured by Motorola. It has Tegra 2 Dual Core processor which makes it so fast that you will never face any distortion using the phone. This phone has dual-core processor plus 4G connectivity, which makes it seriously fast. This phone is a bit expensive but you will feel as using laptop when using this phone and you will have a good experience as well.


T-Mobile G2X:-

This mobile phone has everything you want from a phone. It has 4G connectivity and back and front camera. It also has HDMI slot and memory (up to 32GB).G2X runs 2.2. Some people say that it has some annoying things like it runs block version of Android. It also has some bloat like NFS SHIFT. But overall this is an amazing phone having nice IPS display and a very good speed.


Samsung Galaxy S II:-

It is though still expensive phone. There is not much difference in G2X and Galaxy S II, but Galaxy S II runs 2.3. This mobile also has dual-core processor with beautiful speed. Galaxy S II has AMOLED display which gives its users s good feeling. Everything runs very smoothly without any distortion. Like many other phones it also has 4G connectivity. It is comparable in line of dual-core. Samsung Galaxy S II is an amazing phone indeed.

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