Top 4 cheapest Android cell phones


Nowadays Android phones are considered to be cheaper in a way that they can be purchased on contracts. Android phones have started emerging in markets with lots of applications and offerings. Android phones have fulfilled its customer’s needs and also the customers are attracted towards it. Starting from £15, Android phones are some of the cheapest phones around. Here are the top 7 cheapest Android cell phones, and by reviewing these you will tend to prefer Android phones on other phones:

1. HTC ChaCha: 

For those who are Facebook addicted, HTC ChaCha gives you an amazing feature of Facebook button on it. Stay connected with your friends and access to your social life by pressing only one button. It runs Android 2.3. It has capacitive touch screen with 256k colors. It also has a Gorilla glass display. It can support up to 32GB of microSD card but it also has 512MB. Its internal processor is 512. HTC ChaCha has an amazing 5MP camera and battery timing having 660hrs on stand-by and 7hrs on talk time. It is available in the market at 358.82$ USD and 30,500 PKR.


2. Samsung Galaxy Mini: 

It can be compared with Samsung Galaxy S, because it is embedded with all the things Samsung Galaxy S has. It has 3G network of HSDPA 900/2100. It has capacitive touch screen having 256k colors and 240X320 pixels. It has unlimited phonebook entries and call records. It also has internal 384MB but it can support up to 32GB. Samsung Galaxy mini has 3.15MP camera. It has 600MHz processor. Talk time up to 9hr 30min and stand-by up to 570hr makes it a very good phone. It is available in the market at $185 USD and 15,900 PKR.


3. HTC Salsa:

HTC Salsa has a Facebook button on it which enables you to stay connected and share your photos and videos with your love ones. It looks like HTC Desire but it has got 3.4 inch screen. It has got 800MHz processor with 512MB ROM and 512MB RAM. HTC Salsa has 5MP camera which captures every color of life and has an amazing result. Its standard battery Li-ion 1520mAh gives us 530hrs on stand-by and 7hr 50min talk time. It is available in the market at 40,900 PKR.


4. HTC Wildfire:

Explore thousands of applications through HTC Wildfire and share your favorite ones with your friends. HTC Wildfire lets you take pictures with its 5MP camera and instantly upload them on Facebook. In HTC  Wildfire, your weather and clock update automatically. Everything in HTC Wildfire is nice. Its screen is a bit larger. HTC Wildfire is small and light at 118g. Its Li-ion 1300 mAh battery gives us 690hrs on stand-by and up to 8hrs of talk time. It is available in the market at $280 USD and 24,000 PKR.

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  1. shamaria September 26, 2012 at 8:44 pm #

    I need an android phone with price range Rs: 5000 to 7000. Let me know the android phones in that range. thank you

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