What are the IVR Benefits for my business?

An IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, is usual for consumers today. Most individuals get the benefits of IVR daily in their interactions with their different service providers. IVR is used in industries like: insurance, auto sales, trucking services and phone service etc

The benefits of IVR are such that a company can take its obtainable business and increase it to other states in their homeland or even abroad. In today’s economy, businesses are going global. In order to stay aggressive and make a profit, companies must expand and the benefits of IVR can make that potential.

The benefits of IVR are not only present for businesses, but for the consumers as well.

Some of the consumer benefits of IVR include:

Easy access to the specific department of the area office or business Ability to check balances Functions to cooperate with the system Ability to order numerous items in one call without speaking to a representative Functionality to be transferred to various department within the organization Ability to speak someone’s name and be transferred to that someone.

The benefits of IVR for businesses are many too. Businesses that choose to opt out of launching an IVR will have a tough time in today’s financial system. Professionals say that consumers are now happier with using an IVR system than with speaking to a live representative. However, sometimes a caller must speak to a agent for detailed questions that the IVR system cannot handle. In these cases, the IVR systems are set up to transfer the caller to a live individual if the menu options do not correspond with the nature of the customers call. The benefits of IVR in this regard will cut down on your callers’ frustrations by getting them where they need to be. Businesses using this technology can expect to:

Save money on lost customers Attain a larger customer base See larger profits save time by getting the caller to the correct dept faster Organize workgroups See statistics on call center services Gauge staffing needs Set up voicemails for workgroups and individuals

The benefits of IVR are endless. A company cannot expect to remain aggressive in their given marketplace if they do not provide the tools their customers need. The benefits of IVR are such that a company will always be there for their customers. IVR systems make it possible to provide clients 24-7; if a company does not have this capability, a customer might choose to take their business elsewhere.

A company also has to remember about time zones. If, for example, the company provides a service that people abroad are interested in, not having an IVR can cause difficulties for the consumer trying to reach the company. Therefore, the benefits of IVR will be seen straight away with an expanded customer base. If you are a normal 9 to 5 operation, you cannot get customers who are normally sleeping during business hours in your timezone.

In this day and age, a company cannot pay for loose steady customers. Whether a company provides goods or services, and the service level of those goods or services goes down and down, customers will start looking for elsewhere to provide a better level of service. Therefore, the benefits of IVR are necessary, not only in growing your business, but maintaining it as well.

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