Some Interesting Tips For Your Cell Phone You Never Know

This time I have brought some interesting tips for your cell phone. No matters you use Nokia, Samsung or any other. It’ for everyone. And the best thing is that it’s free.

Emergency number:
         The emergency number is “112”. It can be used from any part of the world and is valid with every kind of SIM. When you dial it on your mobile number, you are connected through any available network. It is really helpful whenever you are lost and you find there is no mobile coverage. It still works even though your mobile is protected through security code.

Solution to low battery
           The moment your mobile show “low battery” notice, you realize the importance. If you want to have an important call in this time period, then situation becomes more worse for you. You want some kind of magic that can restore your battery. But dialing this secret code *3370# will restore your battery up to 50%.

Unlock your car doors
          Yes! This is possible with your cell phone. If you have forgot your remote keyless inside the car, then you don’t need to go back to your home. Just go over with this trick. Call your home from mobile to mobile and ask the person from other end to press the unlock button of wireless remote by keeping it closer to their cell phone. While at the same time, you should stand one foot away from your car, holding mobile phone directed towards car. Your car will be unlocked easily.

Mobile serial number
          By dialing *#60#, you will get to know your mobile phone code. I mean to say serial number for your mobile. You can remember or save it. When your mobile is stolen or lost, you can disable your mobile phone with the help of this serial number.

Directory service
           Companies do provide these but you can get this service for free by dialing this code (800)373-3411.
It’s very usual that all of us come with these kinds of problems. An easy way is to save these codes in your SIM directory. Share your experience with us!

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