Setting up internet connection with CDMA Phone

Internet technology not only declared in the speed, but begin in served in mobile phone technology. The article this time is going to be discussed by a little concerning the speed of the connection with CDMA and the ease installing the mobile phone become a PC modem.
The CDMA connection at the moment can reach 230Kbps for the connection and the speed download 15KB/s (153Kbps). For the comparison, the CDMA speed reached 3X the dialup system connection and already half of the cable modem connection. Indeed was not yet fast, but quite moderate when you are in the area that is not covered by cable modem or ADSL modem. This solution can be at least present an internet connection anywhere and at any time that is enough using the mobile phone to be make a modem with one of PC.The stage to installing with the CDMA mobile phone:
1. Preparations to make Com Port, modem communication carried out through Com Port and use data cable to make function as Com Port.

Here is the method to changing the USB cable to the COM port to PC.

2. Know the mobile phone as the Modem:
Installing the COM port driver in order that WinXP would the mobile phone as modem
3. The process for the Network connection to Windows XP:
After finished the installation of COM port and modem the last process is using the function of the connection from the modem as connection to the internet.
Equipment for the Internet connection with CDMA mobile phone
Equipment for this trial:
Prolific GW-DKU-001- Compatible data cable DKU5 Nokia
Nokia CDMA 6585
Starone CDMA Prepaid (Or any Dial-up Internet provider card)
PC specifications: (I mentioned my PC specs ofcource low specs will have no problems)
Pentium P4 2.4C @ 3.3Ghz
Corsair memory 1GB TwinX PC320
Asus P4C800-D
Gigabyte Radeon 9800 Pro
Seagate 120GB SATA Harddisk
USB port internet ICH5
Flatron L1710B LCD monitor
Zalman ZM-400B APS

The Data Cable function is connection phone with PC’s COM port, also it makes connection to between phone and PC to transfer the data from mobile to PC and PC to phone. As shown above in picture this is fitted method cable which can be connect to USB port.


The first stage:
The beginning stage, we will install the USB driver that is simulated as COM port connect the PC connection to the mobile phone.

We are installing prolific data cable which is easier to install as compare to original.

As we plugged the data cable to USB port the windows will recognize it and will ask for the driver as shown in below picture.

Now insert the particular driver CD in the CDrom and install the appropriate driver for the device.
After driver installation look at in the device manager, if in the COM port menu Prolific USB…… is active that means our system is ready to use to communicate with CDMA phone which connected to the Computer using USB cable.

In this stage we are finished to create connection between Phone and PC through data cable. Eventually COM port will be used as the connector from the mobile phone as the modem and COM port for the connection between PC and model/mobile phone. Basically in the OS the data cable changed the USB cable’s function as COM port.

The second Stage: Installing the Modem for the mobile phone goes through data cable

Furthermore give the introduction for the Com port for the modem, Open the Control Panel and click on “Phone and Modem” as shown in image.

Then will appear the choice as supervised in picture.

Select the Modem part.
For the increase in the modem that will make function to the mobile phone, you were enough to choose ADD and do not forget to check the box “Don’t detect my modem, I will select from list. Because the modem needs to be install manually.

Enter the allotted search for the name of the “modem”, then click the part Have Disk to installing the driver for the new modem to the mobile phone.

Further select the driver for your mobile phone, maybe the listed system driver isn’t standard, if this is problem for you, you can download the phone’s driver from the product website that you are using.
When you are using Nokia, then will be put forward by 3 choices.
For your Internet connection you select the 3G option and click Next.

Further give the port for your modem that you plugged, as shown below in the picture port choice 6 for Prolific data cable that will be known by Windows operating system to activate Com 6 for the mobile phone modem.

After finishing this process now you have 2 modems, first one which will dial through Lucent and the other modem is Nokia, which will dial through mobile phone which is connected through COM port using data cable.

In this stage you have finished installing the phone driver, now your Windows recognized your mobile phone as modem.

The third stage: Installing the Internet connection for Window for CDMA modem

As you are using dial-up modem or broadband on Ethernet, means there are various type of connection I’d not go in detail but we will stick on our relevant topic ?

Now in the Control Panel click on the “Network Connection wizard and here we will create internet connection via CDMA modem.

Now click on Create New Connection part to sub the Network Connection menu.

Further will emerge Wizard Connection, and click Next
Choose the direct connection to the Internet

And input setup for the manual connection


Chose dial-up, because you are using the mobile phone system as telephony and you must do dial the number manually for the connection through CDMA mobile phone.

Choose the modem that you already installed as shown in below picture, this will create internet relations through CDMA phone.

Enter the connection name, for example “starone” don’t forget to keep an eye on the images for better understanding.

Enter the phone number that’s make relation to your internet provider.
For Starone we are using here, number 777

The process almost ended, input the login name from Provider, to Starone asked for the name login: starone and password: indosat.
This is just an example, there different login/password for different internet providers.

To finished this stage create an icon on your Windows Desktop and your mobile phone is ready to be connected to the internet.

Select your connection from which you want to connect to the internet and enter the desire password for particular login.

When settings are completely true, then your connection would be connected direct to provider CDMA. As you can see the speed of the connection is 230Kbps.

The fourth stage: speed Information of the connection with CDMA technology.
For the speed, the internet connection go through CDMA will reach 230Kbps or around more than 15KB/s.
And this speed was equal to the speed 3X from the dial-up connection or almost a third of the speed of the cable modem connection.

I have captured the below picture when the mobile was connected the internet provider. The internet speed reaches to 12-15KB/s or more, definitely this speed depends on your internet usage.
The weakness of the CDMA mobile phone is still there, like uploading speed is smaller as compare to downloading speed.

To ping delay, the CDMA system connection that was tested was fast enough and often was not different to the connection through Dial-up telephones normally.

As shown below are the results of the connection and the stability when downloading using the CDMA mobile phone through the Windows XP operation system

Result: the Progress of Internet technology for the connection CDMA
At Least, the connection capacity that faster and can be used in a mobile manner will facilitate the user of the Internet in Indonesia and all around the world where CDMA technology available.
When being said by CDMA technology for the Internet connection for the public’s activity like browsing, enamel definitely has satisfied, but

The existence of this technology will same the more cost, especially bargaining of the flat tariff for the monthly connection that cheaper compared using the dialup system conventional by the tariff a sky as well as more slow even very bad to a certain area.
But using the CDMA mobile phone for the Internet connection is not free from the other hindrance although being not too significant, the strength of the internet connection no longer depends to make it good bad the network, but not good weather as well as the strength of your mobile phone battery.

Note: the internet Connection with CDMA needed information setup from net provider as well as the product kind and driver.
This article at least could explain that the CDMA connection become the new solution with the better speed compared to Dial-up, and the ease using the connection go through CDMA for the Internet.
Before using CDMA for the internet connection, better do the evaluation where you were. And check the signals strength from BTS provider.
CDMA technology has 3 choices those are digital signals, Analogous and 1X. The system of the internet connection via the mobile phone can be also done with OS Win98. With the condition, that the cable connection must have the driver for Win98 in order to get COM port for the connection to the mobile phone, And install the same mobile phone modem like we install the dial-up modem.

The speed 15KB/s is not affected by the USB version kind 1.1 to Windows 98
The mobile phone Capacity had the limited capacity because using the transmission system, and the possibility of damage happened to the mobile phone could happen when being used excessively.

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