Send Free FAX From Your Computer


As you know sending/receiving FAX is very important part for a healthy business. We rarely use FAX method to communicate but sometime it is very necessary to send out our documents, images etc to the other party. So for this purpose we must have FAX machine in working condition having PSTN phone line in order to deliver FAX to other party. Faxing is not only important for offices but other people may also need this facility but they go out to FAX shop to send their FAXes. But you don't need to go anywhere now, you don't need any FAX machine. You can send FAX from your desktop computer anywhere in the world for FREE. The question is how? don't worry we will guide you here:

  • Simply go to there site HERE BOXnet .
  • Once you are successfully registered you can send fax.


  • Add Efax service from the menu


  • Now Select your file and send FAX


This service supporst the following formats pdf, doc,xls, tif, tiff, rtf, txt, html pdf, doc, xls, tif, tiff, rtf, txt, html Please use it and share your expereince. Good luck!

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