Prototypes Sony PlayStation Phone


A few months ago, there were rumors about the PSP Phone, and now it seems the rumors about gaming phones made by Sony Ericsson will become a reality. According dipampang images on the site Engadget, the phone is called the PlayStation Phone.


Gaming phone design is similar to Sony's portable gaming console PSPgo which has a sliding control button. On the navigation buttons have a multitouch trackpad that is in the middle, while the right-left direction button and the menu is similar to an analog thumbstick.


The phone is powered by Qualcomm MSM8655 CPU speed 1GHz, 512MB ROM memory, and 1GB of RAM. Screen size of between 3.7 – 1.4-inches and comes with a memory card slot Memory Stick and microSD expansion. This phone is relying on the Android operating system 3.0 (Gingerbread).


If later mass produced, whether the PlayStation Phone would reduce the market share of the PSP?

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