Plum Voice Announces the Release of a New Ivr Survey Application

Plum Voice has now released a way for businesses to develop online surveys that can be transmitted by either the web or phone. These new surveys are completely customizable – allowing you to decide how many questions you’d like to ask as well as the look, sound and feel of the survey page. After you design and send out your survey the IVR hosting system collects the data for you to review using a plethora of reporting tools.

The new survey application being released by Plum Voice is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Benefits of this type of survey include that it is cost effective, can serve as an alternate or complement to onsite surveying, and allows people that aren’t web-enabled to participate in your surveys.

To answer an IVR survey, respondents use a dedicated 1-800 number to complete the survey – using either verbal comments or touch-tone prompts. Plum Voice’s method also allows a respondent to answer via the web – making them the only company providing multimodal surveys through one intuitive survey management interface. This allows the survey to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so people can answer when they have the time. It also cuts down on data entry and coding costs that other survey systems face.

Plum Voice’s survey tool allows for 15 different types of questions and you are unlimited in how many you can ask. You can reach people with the web or a phone and see the live results as they are recorded. The information that is recorded can be turned into summary reports with data tables and graphical charts that you can print out to analyze and use to watch your business trends. Additionally, the survey works in English and Spanish for speech and text-to-speech.

Beyond that you can require a unique IP address or caller ID to ensure responses are not being repeated. The survey is easily embedded into your own web site if you’d like or it can standalone with your own custom logo. You are allowed to also create custom thank you and redirect pages upon completion of the survey with this new IVR survey. And finally, Plum Voice offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week phone support for your hosted IVR.


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