Pakistan fast becoming the next “Hot” place for call centers?

PTCL has installed a new software in their network, Calls made through the internet has been jammed.

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Pakistan June 2006: PTCL (Pakistan telecommunication private limited) has installed
on their network which has blocked calls being made over the internet causing great difficulty for both local and international call centers in Pakistan since last week.

JANG newspaper discovered that PTCL has recently installed a new software in their ITI network in order to protect it, and also put an end to all the illegal phone calls being made through it. This has badly affected the business of dozens of call centres in the country. Lahore city is a main effected area which is a part of Pakistan call center industry. While speaking to JANG several call centre owners expressed their concern that because of this problem it would be very difficult to attract more offshore businesses causing more unemployment in the country.

They also said that due to the insufficient policies of PTCL, illegal work through the Flag network is being carried on, while PTCL is not taking any step to regulate it. On the other hand PTCL applauded the installation of the new software on its network, claiming it to be for the security of their system.

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2 Responses to Pakistan fast becoming the next “Hot” place for call centers?

  1. Nimmy11 September 4, 2008 at 12:12 pm #

    Pakistan fast becoming the next hot place for call center.
    Its realy good now a days making call center.
    you can join it and show your interest on that
    job, your company is realy doing a fantastic work,The pakistany people will attract soon on
    this jobs.
    Best of luck..

  2. Mohammed Kiani February 2, 2009 at 8:34 pm #

    I am thinking to make call to pakistan cheaper. Could you let me have a way of making cheap calls to Pakistan

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