Asterisk sip.conf configuration

Below is Open Source Asterisk PBX sip.conf configuration example file. Please edit it for your needs. If you need any help then feel free to put your comments. ; This is the sip.conf file for Opensource Asterisk server. Asterisk can be found on ; ; ;

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Asterisk integration with Sphinx Voice recognition system

  I was looking for the information about the integration of Sphinx 4 with asterisk for a while, but due to various reasons, I haven't had success to configure asterisk with Sphinx. I tried a lot to integrate Asterisk with Sphinx voice recognition system but really I had a very hard time to configure sphinx2 […]

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Open source Asterisk PBX

Open source Asterisk PBX

Opensource Asterisk is complete telephony PBX that run on Linux (Recommended), BSD and MACOS Proxy all telephony features that you expect from a PBX beside a lot of other features. Asterisk maybe can use on all major operating system Asterisk™, the Open Source PBX, is taking the world by storm. Asterisk makes a complete business- […]

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Sipura 3000 configuration with Asterisk

In this article I will try to explain that how to configure Sipura 3000 PSTN with Asterisk. First of all let’s analyize a little background of Sipura devices, After that maybe we will try to configure Sipura spa 3000 gateway with Asterisk. Sipura SPA-3000 Analogue Phone Adapter The SPA-3000 continues to deliver on Sipura Technology’s […]

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Setting up internet connection with CDMA Phone

Internet technology not only declared in the speed, but begin in served in mobile phone technology. The article this time is going to be discussed by a little concerning the speed of the connection with CDMA and the ease installing the mobile phone become a PC modem. The CDMA connection at the moment can reach […]

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Opensourc SMS Gateway Using Gammu and MySQL

The applications of the SMS gateway can be searched and downloaded from the internet. You would be able to found a number of SMS gateway applications from the various platforms. One of them that will be discussed in this article is Gammu, As we are going to use Gammu application for sms gateway, because apart […]

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Pakistan fast becoming the next “Hot” place for call centers?

PTCL has installed a new software in their network, Calls made through the internet has been jammed. Pakistan June 2006: PTCL (Pakistan telecommunication private limited) has installed software on their network which has blocked calls being made over the internet causing great difficulty for both local and international call centers in Pakistan since last week. […]

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