Reset blackberry factory setting

How do I reset my Blackberry to factory default settings

Business class usually used BlackBerry and many of them still do not know how to reset their phones. First thing you need to know is that when you are doing so your whole data will be removed; build in memory is also included in it. Most importantly when you do so, the services which you […]

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Virgin mobile

How to master reset virgin mobile Android Chaser

Normally users who do lot of surfing using mobiles with Android operating system or IOS face problems like getting their mobile stuck or freeze. Chaser is recently introduced model by virgin mobiles that is manufactured by ZTE. It has an Android operating system with version 2.3. The specifications included in it made it very much […]

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Secure your videoconferencing

5 ways to secure your Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become an important necessity for multinational company. At the same time the need to secure your video conferencing has also become very essential. Basically, they are two kind of risk associated with it: The hackers can get access to contacts and your directory by hacking your system. The hackers can get access to […]

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Samsung Galaxy reset

How do I factory reset my Samsung Galaxy Android based phone

There’s a huge market for Samsung android phones and it is growing rapidly. At the time of selling your mobile, you always go for hard factory reset but if it is frozen, then always go for a soft factory reset. Here I will be discussing factory reset for some famous Samsung android mobiles:   Samsung […]

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How to hard reset t-mobile g2 Android

How to factory reset t-mobile G2 Android phone

Mobile is an important activity throughout our daily routine. And very often when I am using T-Mobile G2 android, i face problems when my mobile hangs out or the processing speed becomes very slow. Definitely, I am not the exceptional, all people face these problems. In such circumstances we usually decide to go for a […]

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Import Disqus comments to wordpress

How to import Disqus comments back into Wordpess

Around 6 months ago I made some research and migrated to Disqus commenting system by simply installing the plugin. Of course I exported all my comments from default wordpress to Disqus. My intetsion of using this system was to well manage my all comments and provide better visibility to the users, like a user could […]

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4 Ways to Reduce Bad Influence on Your Children with a Cell Phone Spy App

The mere thought of raising a teenager throws even the most well-planned parents into panic. No amount of preparedness looks good enough when parents are about to see their children transform into teenagers. Since the thinking and acting of teens are mostly irrational, there are many instances where teenagers make bad decisions. Same goes with […]

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