Nokia N9 Launch


Most interested dates are coming in next September, yes the world famous brand in cellular world Nokia is to launch a new mind blowing model of Nokia N9. According to the Nokia press release phone will have some outstanding features which we never seen before in any handset. Also this would be first Nokia phones which has no buttons but full touch system.

Also they mentioned that Nokia N9 would be first and perhaps a single mobile phone based on Meego OS. The decision is now pretty much understandable that deal with Windows and their mobile OS. Not only that but Nokia architects improve the screen design to make the look more dashing. Also N9 would have some changes from other devices, there is no microSD slot in the phone, the camera is in more central location at back on the phone.

If we recall previous history of such brands then we can judge that this handset will take some good atteraction in Europe and USA. No doubt Nokia focus will target these two markets to spread their amazing N9 device. But that is all up to to Nokia, so we are not very sure, but what we are very sure about that is Nokia N9 feature as follows:

  • N9 presents a novel design in black   
  • It has 3.9 inch AMOLED display with curved glass
  • NFC supported
  • 1 GM RAM memory
  • 8 megapixel Camera with Carl Zeiss lens
  • 64 GB of storage

So let's wait when this comes to your local market if you are really a phone lover then do nothing but just start saving some money to buy Nokia N9 expensive phone :)

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