Nokia codes list with some cool tips and tricks

 We wrote a lot of about Nokia phones, but here we will present some useful Nokia codes for people who unlock their phones and want to have different type of information for their phones.  These are some very useful Nokia codes list which can help you to better operate your phone and can provide you enough information about your phone which you never know before such as your phone release date, software version, language  and IMEI etc. However there maybe some codes which can be good for your information but in some cases they can harm your cell phone. There is also magic to recover your lost phone.

 Please use such codes at your own risk.




*# 06 #

This will display serial number / IMEI for your cell phone

*# 0000 #

This will show software version of your Nokia phone

*# 2820 #

This indicates address of your BT (Bluetooth)

xx #

Quick directory access (xx = storage location and afterwards lozenge e.g. 24 #)

A/from key

Short key of menu for switching the profiles

Menu key

Long pressing for "task manager" – switching between active programs (with "C" key programs can be terminated.)

Menu quick access

in the menu e.g. to point 3.1 arrive simply 31 enter (if the third symbol a file is opened is for these and then in it started the first Programm/Icon).

Autostart go around

When switching on of the Handys on to the pin inquiry the key "ABC" (pin) comes the whole time keeps pressed – this is to ignore (allegedly) the autoinitialization programs.


Do not switch between different lines (AS)… goes e.g. with Austrian ONE Handys (see nose cunning). I could not try out however also, since I did not have 2 lines on the SIM map.


is according to standard set the Nokia nokia-Sicherheitscode.


… is according to standard those (with Vodafone windshield frame section) set 2te pin and that standard net code/password
With D1 the standard net code is the last 4 numbers of the card number without HLR e.g. 99999234-5/55 – > 2345

0 – for a long time press

If one the "0" in the main menue for a long time presses those homepage of the standard WAP connection is called.


Started dangerous codes

* # of res wallet #

… is to be deleted the code around the "wallet"! Input like normal telephone number (not in wallet code inquiry windows).
NOTE! Afterwards the "wallet" is empty, can again be put on however with new code.

*# 7780 #

The "original attitudes" and telephone re-establishes is again started (an appropriate inquiry and it follow before must the sicherheitscode be entered).
NOTE! Afterwards various "attitudes" are away – among other things these:

  • Points of entrance (Provider dependent points of entrance and attitudes)

  • Bluetooth attitudes

  • Favorite

  • Allocation of the two keys (beside Navi keys) in the main menue

  • Profiles are "neglected" (as with distribution) – still there however new bell tones, etc. are…

  • SMS/MMS/E Mail attitudes

  • Logos and spielstaende (allegedly) also deleted…

Programs, calendars and contacts, etc. not changed…
Also the sicherheitscode remains.
This putting back goes also via menu under "attitudes – general – original telephone once."

*# 7370 #

Soft format: If the Handy (only telephone memory) formats, puts back the attitudes (see * to # 7780 #) and implements a software RESET. (however still another inquiry comes before.)
NOTE! If the Akku to 75% are loaded at least, Akku do not only accomplish during the procedure under any circumstances remove! The procedure takes some minutes (approx. 3-4), is absolutely waiting!
This is "only" a soft format… Hard format with "green, 3, *"… see below.

Green, * 3

Hard format: If the Handy (only telephone memory) formats, puts back the attitudes (see * to # 7780 #) and implements a RESET.
NOTE! If the Akku to 75% are loaded at least, Akku do not only accomplish during the procedure under any circumstances remove! The procedure takes some minutes (approx. 3-4), is absolutely waiting!

Proceeding: Equipment switch off, which keep "green key" (take off) at the same time pressed, "*" and to "3" key and switch the equipment on (the keys thereby keep further pressed)… to "Formatting" on the display appears…
If that does not function, then equipment for 1 hour switch off, Akku so for a long time rausnehmen and again try.
"only" virtual the memory is generally cleared – genuine formatting can take place only in a Nokia service center, if the Fash is deleted there and/or new L.G. is installed.


* # 92702689 #, then switch – system menu off (goes with me not)

The following code do not fold (with me also):
* EFR0 # (* 3370 #) EFR activate (EFR = Enhanced Full rate Coding – language optimization)
# EFR0 # (# 3370 #) EFR switch off
* HRC # (* 4720 #) HRC switch on (HRC = helped rate Coding – language compression)
# HRC0 # (# 4720 #) HRC switch off


Simlock status query: (use "*" the key over "p,w" and "+" indications to enter)
# pw+ 1234567890 +1 # Provider LOCK status
# pw+ 1234567890 +2 # network LOCK status
# pw+ 1234567890 +3 # Country LOCK status
# pw+ 1234567890 +4 # Sim Card LOCK status

The code 1234567890 must be computed with a program e.g. SmartDCT4Calc and/or DCT 4 code Calculator from IMEI, etc…. Information look for if necessary here: www.gsm or www.iphone

Info. to Simlock: SIM LOCK makes it for the offerer/network carriers possible, subsidized (verguenstigte) Handys to offer. Thus one makes oneself if necessary punishable if one SIM LOCK deactivated – in addition the warranty can purged. I take over for it no adhesion or responsibility!

GSM code

should function at each Handy – however Netz(betreiber)abhaengig are… and "harmless"…
Generally applies: First enter code, "send" afterwards (< send green key > press) and one moment wait…
Good Links/Sites in addition: www.handy codes.html or

SMS Tips

Tips & cheat about SMS (with appropriate codes)
For example for the topic: SMS "retard" and/or deferred send, acknowledgment of receipt, reports.

Mark more simply

To Tipps & cheat to the topic "mark" e.g. with SMS entrance.
Over simply to mark simply the "pin" (ABC key) hold some e.g. SMS and move then Jostick downward.

Call number transmission

* 31 # – { CLIR – Calling LINE identification Restriction switches on for the general call number transmission }
# 31 # – switch off the general call number transmission
# 31 # [ telephone number ] – with the next call suppress the own call number (thus temporary)
* 31 # [ telephone number ] – with the next call transfer own call number (thus temporary)
* # 31 # – status query (of call number transmission)
# 31 * [ telephone number ] – own call number show, although receiving station switched call number suppression on. (is not usually de-energised of the Netz(betreiber).)

* 30 # – switch { TIE-clip – Calling LINE identification presentation for the announcement on of the call number of the caller }
# 30 # – switch off
* # 30 # – status query

This also partly goes with 6600 via Men: Attitudes – calls – own No. send…

The following codes are not supported by most Netz(betreibern):
* # 76 # – announcement of the call number, under which one reached the calling (not its call number during rufumleitung!) { COLP – COonnected LINE identification presentation }
* 76 # – switch on
# 76 # – switch off

* # 77 # – announcement of the call number, under which the caller reached me (not my call number during rufumleitung meinerseits!) { COLR – COnnected LINE identification Restriction }
* 77 # – switch on
# 76 # – switch off


Knocks is signaling a secondary call during a current discussion
* 43 # – switch on
# 43 # – switch off
* # 43 # – status query

This also partly goes with 6600 via menu: Attitudes – calls – knocking…

0 < sends > – reject while the discussion a knocking
1 < send > – discussion terminate, knocking discussion accept
certain discussion (y) terminate 1 (y) < send >
2 < sends > – discussion park, knocking discussion accept
certain discussion and new discussion leads 2 parks (y) < sends >

0 < sends > – caller the busy condition signal

This also partly goes with 6600 via menus existing during the discussion.

PIN Change

** 04 * [alte PIN] * [neue PIN] * [Repeat new PIN] #
** 042 * [alte PIN 2] * [neue PIN 2] * [neue PIN 2] # repeat

Unlock PIN: ** 05 * [PUK] * [neue PIN] * [Repeat new PIN] #
Unlock PIN 2: ** 052 * [PUK2] * [neue PIN 2] * [neue PIN 2] # repeat

This is also partly to the 6600 via menu: Settings – Security – Phone and SIM …


Diverse Codes

The following codes only work out in some (few) networks / operators … Unfortunately, e.g. not on the Vodafone D2 Netz (in Germany):
* # 100 # – Own number (Own Number)
* # 101 # – HLR number
* # 102 # – Switch number
* # 103 # – Zeit im Netz (Network Time)
* # 104 # – voicemail number (Voice mailbox number)
* # 105 # – Switch number
* # 147 # – Last Caller (Last Caller)

# 646 # – Minutes Used: (646 spells 'MIN')
* # 1345 # or * 174 # – Vodafone Prepaid balance

* 78 – Do not disturb – available only in North America in GSM and CDMA networks
* 79 – Cancel (see above)

Some more Nokia  codes list – Updated


shows your serial number, month and year of manufacture, purchasing date


big daddy of all the nokia programming codes

*#92702689# (*#war0anty#)

To get out of the 'war0anty' menu you need to power cycle your phone.

  • displays a secret menu. On the Nokia 6210 this displays a menu that says:

    1. Serial number – displays the IMEI number.

    2. Made – gives the manufacturing date, on my first generation Nokia 6210 it says 0900 (presumably September 2000)

    3. Purchased – presumably gets set with a 4-digit number that should say when you bought the phone. I have never seen this set when it was bought.

    4. Repaired – presumably another 4-digit number that says when you last had the phone fixed. Since I never needed to have my phone repaired, this is set to 0000.

    5. Transfer user data – I'm afraid to activate this option, as it sounds somewhat ominous. I don't have a data cable and I have no idea what it might do.

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  1. woodwolf May 7, 2010 at 9:36 pm #

    thanxxxxxxxxxx *#7370# is magic

  2. Meg July 19, 2010 at 9:50 pm #

    My nokia 2700 classic says, PIN blocked. Enter PUK code. I don't know the
    PUK code.Can you tell me what it might be???

  3. Pooja July 29, 2010 at 11:03 pm #

    my mobile phone model nokia 2700c is showing just u white screen. menu is
    not shown. i can dial and call someone but the screen remains white nothing
    appears.can u help me as soon as possible. THANX

  4. admin July 29, 2010 at 11:06 pm #

    Pooja, your Nokia phone 2700c software seems to be corrupted, you need to load new software using cable to your cell phone.

  5. girl on the block February 7, 2011 at 9:01 pm #

    hi, am having problem with restoring the setting on my phone it tells me i should put a security code iv somany times but still not working. i want to know what the code is. please help and my camera doesn’t take long in recording. i really want to know the reason why.

  6. acimet April 30, 2011 at 4:51 am #

    Dear admin,

    My phone always appear Enter lock code whenever I restart my phone. Then I’ve entered default code which is 12345 and also I’ve tried Mastercode which is 1234567890. I’m also had try ganerate the mastercode and use the security mastercode but yet it still appear “CODE ERROR”. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

    Mobile model : Nokia 5730 xpressmusic
    Serial Number : 351964031767074
    Location : Malaysia

  7. rajesh July 31, 2011 at 2:52 pm #

    can someone help me when i update new version software in my 2700c mobile my sim doesnt alow to send msg to other when i try to send msg it always sim not ready..w

  8. admin July 31, 2011 at 4:37 pm #

    Rajesh, what is your Nokia phone model and what network connection you are using over Nokia?

  9. litu March 14, 2012 at 11:58 am #

    I have purchased a nokia hand set model no. classic 2700c-2 from Australia and it open in Bangladesh. But phone is not open. So what can i do and how i open this set. Thank you.


  10. HARSHAD March 19, 2012 at 10:08 pm #

    i have lost my security code for nokia c3 touch & type mobile. give me suggesstion what to do ?

  11. siri September 22, 2012 at 1:07 pm #

    hi i am using nokia x2 00 mobile while in the traffic i cant here voice of others plz help me out

    is there any codes to solve this problem

    tank you

  12. admin September 27, 2012 at 11:32 pm #

    Hi siri, what if you turn your Nokia speaker phone on? Do you face the same one way voice issue?

  13. ajay October 9, 2012 at 2:15 pm #

    my nokia e63 ic locked what is the phone lock please send me phone lock code

  14. kelly November 19, 2012 at 9:09 am #

    hei my phone is locked in one sim only im from philippines can you plzz help me to openline my phone nokia 5230 plssss

  15. kelly November 19, 2012 at 9:13 am #

    help plss my nokia 5230 has locked can you get my secret code by telling you my serial no.?from philippines

  16. Phil January 10, 2013 at 3:10 am #

    My asha 303 goes off immediately i switch it on. But wen i take out the sim card, it doesnt go off.

  17. Gerry Lumansoc July 28, 2013 at 3:36 pm #

    my phone nokia X2-00 is in need security code when evrytym i'll turn it on.cud u pls help me on how to unlock it.4got my personal security code.Pllllllssssssssssszzz ASAP.thanks

    model: Nokia X2-00

    imei num:  354854043640400

    Made in India


    My location: Philippines

    Network Use: Globe

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