Nokia 41mp camera mobile phone with HD video feature

Nokia has introduced a new mobile phone on the inauguration ceremony at Barcelona. It is a smart mobile phone with 41-megapixel. I think this model is available in the market as Nokia 808. It also has a flashlight, you can have a HD Video. This allows users to zoom in six times without bulky lenses.

Nokia 41mp mobile

Nokia customers are decreasing from time to time. They have faced intense competition from Apple and Google. They have suffered a lot. There sales have gone down as compare to Apple. That’s why Nokia has announced this new mindblowing invention, it will be closing its manufacturing in Africa and will be focusing on only Asian markets.  Now the question is whether this Nokia 41mp camera mobile phone will get good response from the overall market?

The experts have criticized Nokia for Symbian operating system in this mobile phone. For those who don’t know what symbian operating system is, I will give a brief introduction to you. It was introduced by Nokia in 1990’s and currently they have introduced various versions for it. There are also windows mobile. The executive of Nokia says that people will be attracted because of its high resolution mega-pixel. And they will further go for introducing various models by varying the camera resolution.

We will have to wait and see who wins the war between Nokia and Apple. Will this high mega-pixel camera will be recognized by the people or due to Symbian operating system people will avoid it. I have personally used their mobiles with this operating system. Technology is getting much better and better. Now people are getting attracted towards Android, IOS operating system. They should think over it. What are your opinions’s regarding this mobile and operating system they are using. It is best or it has been better with other options. Please share with us!

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