Locate lost phone or people through GPS


Life has become extremely busy now days. There is a plenty of pressure on us. This has become a common mistake during our working time that we forget where we have put our mobile phones. Whether we bought it along us to office or may be it got lost during travelling, are the most repeated options we usually thought for our misplaced cell phone. We have to spend our precious time and effort in finding it. Other than this, stealing of mobile phones is very common now. But now we all know that smart phones are coming with extremely excellent features. Just think of Wi-Fi, high resolution camera, high processor, Gps and many more. Gps is the feature that can track your lost mobile phone. Recently, many mobile companies are giving with installed Gps i.e. Gps enabled cell phone. 

How GPS works for you:

When anyone of us enables the “ON” option for Gps in their cell phones, it searches for your location after connecting to three or four satellites. All you need to do is install the Gps tracking software. There are wide ranges of software’s easily available for example Buddyway, Sat-Track, etc. your cell phone is tracked by using Gps signals and tracking software sends your cell phone location to server through GSM or GPRS. The server gets refresh every second showing your location and even speed and uses Google map to show you the location for your cell phone.

Not only you can get your stolen or misplaced mobile phone but you can always track anyone with just a cell phone. if you have a Gps enabled  mobile phone, then it’s not a big deal to try with any of the free Gps tracking software. 


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