HTC EVO 3D Android Cell Phone


Awesome HTC EVO 3D Android based cell phone with low price depending upon your contract in now available in the market. The company has done a marvelous job by introducing unique features in this mobile. It is a multimedia handset. It is slightly bigger than normal phones. The textured back make it easy to handle. 3D LCD which is 4.3 inches makes it a perfect model. Camera which has a physical switch is large and round. On flipping the switch, camera turns into 3D mode. The headset jack and power button is on the top. Let us look at the main features which make it different from other mobile phones:-

Large screen:

        You can enjoy the songs and movies without glasses on large screen with a 3D LCD.


       Two 5 megapixel camera are available. You can record video and capture image easily.

WiMax 4G:

       Now you can get faster download speed than 3G with WiMax 4G technology.


       Qualcomm dual-core, 1.2GHz MSM8660 Snapdragon makes it fast.

Android version:

      Android 2.3.3 which is latest version of HTC is present.

      Other than this blockbuster 3D and YouTube 3D are already present in it. HTC has introduced new sense technology in it which work perfect. Other features such as touch sensitive control, Gyro sensor, HTC sense UI and multi touch input method provided ease for you to use it. The battery is of 1730 mAH lithium-ion. It gives eight hours of talk time which is good.

     Beside these features, there are some problems in it. Internet connectivity is not up to the mark. Evo 3D always report the 3G signals as weak. This makes voice quality very poor even though the volume of speakers was full. But still I was satisfied with the phone performance. Once your connection is connected, then you do whatever you want. 

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