How to watch Sky TV online free on your iPhone


If you got iPhone, then you don’t have to turn your TV on because using Wi-Fi your iPhone can do so. In fact, it is great idea to watch Sky TV online free on your iPhone because of high sound and picture quality. If anyone does not know how to do so, no problem, you can learn right now. 


Just take your iPhone or iPad in your hands and repeat the steps on your phone:

  • Open the App store from your iPhone. 
  • It will take 1 or 2 seconds in loading and then a screen Will open as shown below:

Watch Sky TV online

  • Type “bskyb” in the space indicated in the picture:

Watch free Sky onine

  • Screen showing many files related Sky will open.  On 3rd option there will be “Sky news and sports”.Click on it and you will get the application details and option for downloading. 
  • The installed app will appear on the screen. The icon will be of a mobile T.V. Click on it 
  • As soon as the app open, on the upper left corner you will see ”I”. click it and you will be asked to give your Sky ID or make new log in account. From your iPhone test “SKY” on number 2020. You will be given a free subscription code. 

Watch TV on online

  • You are almost done. Open the “SKY Mobile App:” and enjoy Sky TV Live coverage of news and sport on your iPhone.

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