How To Unlock Nokia Mobile Phone For Free Just in 2 steps


All of us have a security code on our mobile phones. Sometimes we forget the code and then we are running about to unlock our mobile phones. It seems that unlocking a mobile is very difficult and these mobile operators are mobile experts. Although unlocking a mobile phone has nothing to do with it. You hardly have to spend five minutes and that’s all. This time I will tell you how to unlock Nokia mobile phone free of cost. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit unokia
  2. Just move to the end of the screen, you will see “DOWNLOAD NOW” option. Click on it. It will be downloaded to your system.
  3. Run this application. It will be installed on your system. 
  4. After you are done with all this, the are left with two main steps:

a. You will choose your mobile phone model. If the your mobile phone moded is present in the options, go head. Nokia unlocker works with almost al new models but for some old models  it will not work.

unlock Nokia

b. The nest and the final step is to enter the IMEI code of your mobile phone. Every mobile phone has a unique IMEI code. As soon as you do it, your code to unlock your phone will be enerated.  

You can see how easy unlocking Nokia mobile phones.  It is easy to use and free of cost. Try with it and share your views with us! Also share with us in comments area if you know any other free way to unlock Nokia mobiles.

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