How to reset your Nokia phone


If you are a real and heavy user of Nokia, then you always try different software’s. There is always probability that viruses and other malicious program can attack your mobile phone. Sometimes your mobile gets hang or stall. So, there is always a need for you to reset your phone. There are two type of resetting for Nokia phones:

  1. Normal mode
  2. Deep reset

This article will let you know what are the key combination and outcomes for a certain mode.

Normal mode:

The key combination for normal mode is


The main point is what will happen after this? It will simply reset the basic settings of your phone. Just as the screen brightness, security code etc. it does not delete your contacts. It means that through this mode you can reset the ini files and will leave user data intact. It is also called soft reset. This reset can also be done through menu system.

Menu tools settings general factory settings

Deep mode:

The key combination for deep mode is as follow


Through this sequence your phone memory gets completely format. It will wipe all the user data from phone memory. It will erase data from c drive of your phone while no data is erased from memory card. PC or MMC card can be use to create backup, which will not be formatted during deep mode.

How to do

These resets are for S60 Smartphone’s. At standby screen dial the respective mode and your mobile will restart after you have accepted restore all phone settings. It will ask for security code, you will enter 12345 (factory default code).

If your mobile phone does not boot up, then you can use three button reset. You will do by steps mentioned below:

  • Turn off your mobile.
  • Press green dial key, star key, three key together and switch on your mobile.
  • Until you see welcome note, hold the three keys to complete the boot process.
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