How To Choose A Best Cell Phone Operator?

There are a lot of networks and mostly people get confused to choose a best cell phone operator. The cell phone operator you use makes a difference in your monthly bills. And the most important thing is that the same mobile operator may not work for everyone. I have seen a number of people who cannot make decision regarding selecting mobile operator after buying their mobile phone. The point is what you you need consider when going for making a decision regarding mobile operator. You need to thing upon these points:

How much you have usage? Determine your need
First thing you need to realize is how frequently you will be using. Usage differs from stage to stage. By stage I mean that a student has a less usage than a business man.

Know which companies provide service in your areas
Get the list of mobile operators who provide services in your area.

Get to know about their plans and features
Know all the details and features of their packages. Investigate that they do provide services that can satisfy their needs. For example a student mostly relies on SMS, so you need to select plan that can be cost-effective.

Know regarding their coverage area
The mobile operator that provides good coverage is generally most used by people. Know that your mobile provide coverage to places you visit most just like when I selected mobile operator for myself, I checked out whether it worked on hilly areas because on every weekend I want myself to relax and that’s the best place for me.

Know people opinion
Discuss with your friends if anyone of them use the same mobile operator. Visit discussion forums of different mobile operator.

Other services
Realize whether mobile operator provide other services just like internet, call forwarding, czll waiting call blocking, etc.

Make a decision
After collecting all information if everything is in your favor. That’s all! Simply get it.
After reading all this, selecting a mobile operator is no more a problem for you. Try this sequence and make us know how well it worked for you…..

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  1. Kathy May 6, 2012 at 12:51 am #

    I’m from Luton, UK. these are very effective tips to choose a better operator however, i’d like to ask your suggest, what operator should i choose in long term?

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