How To Block Unwanted Calls On Your iPhone

Uffff…I was disturbed by an unknown number and for one week I was totally upset ego to know that how I can block unwanted calls. I have to keep my iPohne 4 on every time and the whole week I could not get a proper sleep. I tried a lot to find who this guy was. At the end I finally ended by blocking this number with iBlacklist. Yes, this is the app for iPhone through which you can block unwanted numbers. I knew mobile operators do provide with feature of blocking calls. But you want like to waste your money on it as it is a monthly subscription.

block unwanted calls

Pay once for your lifetime
This is definitely not an free app. It cost you $12. But you pay it once and then use it for lifetime. I guess this is not a huge amount that will bother you. After all, getting this app you can block unwanted calls fairly easy.

How to get iBlacklist on your iPhone
There are four steps you have to follow to get rid of unwanted SMS and calls.

  • From your iPhone settings, enable iBlacklist option.
  • Now give the activation and registration key.
  • To activate this app you will need a register key. Once the officials make it clear that your amount has been received, you registration number is mailed on your ID.
  • Download it.

This app provides blocking facility foe SMS and calls but that’s not the end.

  • Your privacy is protected through a password.
  • It is easy to operate.You can add contact from your contact list and also from recent calls.
  • Individual call disconnection setup for each contact.

You can also use the migration facility if you are changing your iPhone. You will get 50% discount for it. This activation key does not work for a different serial number of iPhone. Now, say bye bye to every stranger’s number. Share your reviews regarding this app? 

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  1. Anzey April 15, 2012 at 9:57 am #

    I’m interested by using this application for my iPhone but you didn’t mentioned the location from where i can download iBlacklist app?

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