How to access Linux server through mobile phone

This debate regarding which is better between Windows and Linux, well it's a matter of arguing which server OS is the most suitable in the context of the task that needs to be done, based on factors such as cost, performance, security and application usage as well as the device being used.

Linux as well as open-source applications are popular in the Internet-facing extranet of the enterprise and Linux has become a kind of industrial technology for vendors. It is used in a wide range of products and services such as for Amazon's EC2 computing environment data centers rely on Xen-based Linux servers. Let’s consider mobiles most SM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HDSPA, HSUPA, and EVDO devices can provide an Internet connection to a Linux host usually with the click of a menu item from the Network Manager plug-in.

Three Data modem is one of the many ways through which a mobile phone can be connected to Linux Server. All that needs to be done is to enable the hardware and dialing to the internet, a little complicated at first but works great after it has been setup using all the required script information. In the event that connection is lost while setting up the broadband device manual reconnect is required, it is suggested that you configure your device to automatically redial on disconnect.

Another method for setup connection is through the use of CLI meaning command line interface but make sure your device is recognized by the OS. Cellular modems are now capable of speeds between 400Kbps and 2Mbps, these services are being marketed as mobile broadband. These new data services work wherever anybody can get a cell phone signal. There are several ways to use mobile broadband to connect your laptop to the internet where ever you go.

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