How to recover forgotten Wi-Fi password

I have been using Wi-Fi since a very long time. Recently I bought Samsung Galaxy and I wanted to use internet on my mobile phone. But before enabling internet on my  samsung galaxy s3, I needed to have Wi-Fi password and I was putting stress on my mind so that I can remember the series which I used as the password. After spending my so much time i was able to recover Wi-Fi password for my smart-phone. I found two easy techniques which I will be sharing with you today. 

  • Through Network and Sharing Centre

Simply you need to have your laptop or PC where you are using wi-fi and that’s enough. No internet connection is required. I am going to mention you step by step procedure, so that you can easily get know your password.


  • When you are using your laptop, you can see a Wi-Fi signal sign at the right bottom corner of your screen, click on it. 
  • A small screen will appear like this. You can see “open network and sharing center” just in the end. Click on it. 

recover wi-fi password

  • A new screen appears before you. Click on “manage wireless networks”, just below control panel home. As soon as you do it, you will see the Wi-Fi connection connected to your computer. Click on it. The properties on your wireless network will open. You will see the network security key option. Click on show characters and you will see your password.


How to recover forgotten wi-fi password

  • Cain & Abel

Basically, this is software which does the same function. Just go on Google and search it. Select the first option and download it on your computer. Install it on your computer and open the application. Click on “wireless options”. You will see your Wi-Fi connection with password.

You can try with any method. They are easy. I have tired with both of them. Share this article.

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  1. Frances March 15, 2014 at 3:06 am #

    I forgot my Wi-Fi password now what can I do? please help

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