How to prevent Android mobile from the Dirty USSD hack with X-Ray App

If your are using an Android device that runs on anything less than Android 4.1.x, then you are under serious threat from the Dirty USSD hack. This hack uses the Android dialer to involuntarily "call" a USSD code, which can be spread through legal looking URL’s, an NFC attack, or a nasty QR code. The most menacing USSD code, is a factory reset, apart from that there are many other USSD codes that work on diverse Android devices. Now if you purchased your gadget from a carrier, you can be susceptible to this hack. Sadly there's not a great deal you can do as the only person that can update your OS is the carrier, which isn't very reliable. However here is a list of things you can do to prevent or avoid this difficulty.

 Andorid USSD hack

  • Check whether your Android phone is vulnerable with a trouble-free test Borgaonkar made.  Open your phone's browser and if you can see your IMEI, disconnect from the Internet.

  • Make sure to use an alternative Android dialer (Dialer One and exDialer), to stop the automatic carrying out of any USSD code. Once you have installed your new dialer, go to your browser and you'll be impelled to complete the action with your stock Android phone, or with the dialer you just installed. Click the final one by default.

  • To learn more about Android fragmentation and its effects on the device security, install X-Ray, a security app from Duo Security. X-Ray basically checks which version of Android you're currently running and lists all recognized license intensified vulnerabilities. Most of the detected vulnerabilities can be hacked by a wicked app without even asking for a special permission. Finally, X-Ray demonstrates how to demand your carrier to liberate a prompt, OTA update.

So if you are the Android user, we recommend you to ensure to review the above issue to avoid any issue with your phone. Share your reviews with us in comments area!

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