How IRV Technology Can Help Market Your Business

IVR systems that the typical person deals with on a regular basis are telephone banking, tele-voting and credit card transactions. Now, even the operator is automated. Years ago you would dial zero and get a real person at the other end of the line. Nowadays dialling 411 will get you an automated system fully designed to find the number your require. There are still real people working at the company because not everyone can locate what they are looking for through the mechanical system.

IVR systems are used in many different businesses mainly to deal with high call volumes, reduce costs and to improve the customer’s experience. IRV or Interactive voice response systems, are the latest type of technology that allows a computer to detect voice and keypad inputs. IRV technology is used widely in telecommunications and has also been recently introduced for use in vehicles for hands-free operation, such as satellite navigation, audio and mobile phone systems. IVR systems can be set to react with pre-recorded or dynamically generated audio to further guide users on how to proceed, and can be used to manage almost any function where the interface can be broken down into a series of straightforward menu choices. Many telecommunication companies use this type of technology because it’s great for dealing with large volumes of calls.

There are many different websites that can help you to design an interactive voice response to suit your needs. One such website is, which is designed to easily produce, run and maintain interactive voice response systems for both inbound and outbound call centre and voicemail systems.

From time to time the computer doesn’t comprehend the words you are telling it. In such cases a real person has to come on the line to assist. This can save a lot of man hours though –  the automated system is efficient enough to find the majority of people the information they are seeking.

Most commonly IVR systems are also used for entertainment and information uses. Theatres use such programs to inform callers of what movies are playing and at what times. Television voting and show polls such as those on American Idol, are usually handled by auto services like IVR.  There are phone numbers you can call to get automated bulletins on local road conditions and weather forecasts too.

Doctor’s offices and some hospitals also use interactive voice response systems to give patients access to confidential test results, to protect privacy or avoid the embarrassment of having to talk to a secretary or lab personnel about uncomfortable subject matters.

Research has proven that the use of automation in a contact or call center can trim down the overall expenses of a company by as much as 30 %. So it represents a good alternative to outsourcing as this can mean cultural and language barriers that cause many of your customers to become irritated as a consequence.

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