How do I reset my Blackberry to factory default settings

Business class usually used BlackBerry and many of them still do not know how to reset their phones. First thing you need to know is that when you are doing so your whole data will be removed; build in memory is also included in it. Most importantly when you do so, the services which you have turned on will be automatically turned off.


  • BlackBerry Bold 9000 and BlackBerry curve 8520

If you are looking to reset your BlackBerry, then first follow this sequence:

Settings > options >security >general

When you have opened the general settings, your mobile screen will be like this:

Reset blackberry factory setting

Now, just press the bb button and scroll down to WIPE HANDHELD. You will be given warning that by doing so your whole data will be lost. And that’s what you need to do. If you want to include the third party applications, then select them. Tick off the applications that you want to remove. Click on CONTINUE. You will be asked to write the code. Type BLACKBERRY in the space provided. The last step to factory reset BlackBerry Bold 9000 and BlackBerry curve 8520 is to press menu button. And your phone will reset.


Follow these steps to reset your BlackBerry Torch 9800:

  • From menu, go to option followed with security option.

  • Now select security wipes. You can select any application from installed applications or media card and type blackberry before you go for wipe.

 If you want to have soft reset then press:

Alt + right shift + Del

Try out with this. You can share with views with us in comments area.

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