How do I factory reset my Samsung Galaxy Android based phone

There’s a huge market for Samsung android phones and it is growing rapidly. At the time of selling your mobile, you always go for hard factory reset but if it is frozen, then always go for a soft factory reset. Here I will be discussing factory reset for some famous Samsung android mobiles:

Samsung Galaxy reset


  1. Samsung Galaxy note:

  • Soft reset: Just hold your power button for about 20 seconds and when your phone turns off; release your fingers from power button. Now, turn on and use it.

  • Hard reset: Hold the power button along with volume up and down button. After few seconds, Samsung logo will appear. Continue holding volume keys but no more power button now. When system recovery screen appears, remove fingers from other two buttons. You will see two options. From moving down, use volume keys and for selecting the option, press the power button.


  1. Samsung Galaxy S3:


  • Soft reset: Again hold the power button for 20 seconds and when mobile turns off, release the power button. Turn on your mobile.

  • Hard reset: Go into settings. Select the back up and reset option. Tab the “factory reset” option.

  1. Samsung Galaxy y:

  • Soft reset: Again it can be done through same procedure.

  • Hard rest: You can do with either above of the two methods or use this code *2767*3855#.


  1. Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

  • Soft reset: If your tab hangs out, then go with soft reset. Your device will recover and function properly when you hold power button for 10 seconds and then release the button.

  • Hard reset: This code *2767*3855# do not work but you can do either with power button or from the settings.

Before factory reset you should assure that your battery should be full or your cell phone should be on charging. If your phone switches off during reset, then you be facing huge problems. Leave your comment here:

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