How to factory reset t-mobile G2 Android phone

Mobile is an important activity throughout our daily routine. And very often when I am using T-Mobile G2 android, i face problems when my mobile hangs out or the processing speed becomes very slow. Definitely, I am not the exceptional, all people face these problems. In such circumstances we usually decide to go for a reset. The next step seems to be very difficult i.e. reset your G2. You should remember that by doing the whole data from your phone will be removed. So before doing so, you need to check whether there are files that are very much important to you. If it’s so, then make a backup.

How to hard reset t-mobile g2 Android

Soft and hard reset

If your mobile hangs out you need to have a soft reset. But if you want to erase all data from your mobile then go for a hard reset.


Reset your phone

There are two ways which you can use to reset your G2 android mobile.

  • First one is very common and many people know except few. An option of resetting is present is phone settings option. From home, move to settings. Tab on privacy and then select option of FACTORY DATA RESET. After few seconds, your mobile will get off and then press the power button.

  • The second way to reset your phone is by using volume button. If your phone is not turning on, then you can try with it. First hold the volume down and at the same time, press power button. With few seconds, you will see that on main screen android image will appear. As soon as you see it, release volume button. Using again volume button select the second option of clear storage. After this immediately press power button. The last step is to press volume up button. The factory reset for your mobile will start.

I hope you will remember how to reset your G2 mobile for rest of life. If you want to know other things about it, you can share with us!

Here is video which will guide you step by step that how to factory reset t-mobile G2 Andriod phone:

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