How Do I Make My Own Ringtones Online For Mobile Phone

As you all know this is the era of customization. You can customize everything according to your desires and wishes. Have you ever thought that what people around you notice when your phone vibrates. If not, then it’s your ringtone. Have you ever thought of making your own ringtone? It sounds crazy but that’s the real fun. There are number of websites through which you can do so. But if you ask from me that which one is the secure and easiest way to make your own ringtone, I will say none other than Melofania. It’s because you don’t need software to do so. Just go online, make your ringtone and download on your mobile phone. 

How to make my own ringtone
If you are using internet on your mobile phone, then visit on this link: You need to follow only three steps:

You can make ringtone of any type you want. I mean to say it can be funny one or a song. You are not bounded to download only on android phone, you can use on any gadget i.e. ( iPhone, Windows phone, Nokia, etc).

Latest information
If you are out of touch that what is going in music field, which songs are getting more popular or what is hot news about celebrities you don’t need to get panic. The website provides you with the latest and breaking news about your artists.
 And yes, it’s free of cost. Just try once to make your own ringtone, you will definitely enjoy it. Share the ringtone with your friends. 

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One Response to How Do I Make My Own Ringtones Online For Mobile Phone

  1. Ceison Kathy June 17, 2012 at 8:51 pm #

    Admin, i have two questions for this:

    1. Is it free product or i have to pay to create my ringtone. If paid what’s the pricing detail?
    2. What format I’ll get the sound file? Can i build a ringtone for Nokia smartphone?

    Thank you

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