How cell phone jammer works and can increase the productivity

Development in technology has resulted in cheap mobile phones and that’s the reason now a days we see it in the hands of every child. A recent study has shown that most of students in schools used their mobile phones frequently in messaging and playing games. This all together have negative effect on their learning. This all things contributed to the development of mobile jammers. It’s a device that is used to stop signals from reaching cell phones. It has been used in the factories to increase the productivity.

Parts of cell phone jammer


  • Antenna:  This is the main part of mobile phone Jammer. The main function is to send the signals.
  • Electrical components:  It in includes voltage-controlled oscillator, tuning circuit, noise generator and RF amplification.

How cell phone jammer works?

You must be wandering how it disables cell phone? It’s a simple phenomenon. Jammer transmits signals. The frequency of these signals and mobile phone signals is same. The waves of these signals are interference and hence your mobile phone do not works.


Mobile phone jammers are available in variety of sizes, depending upon your area of usage.

  • Very high power Jammer:  It can be used in hospitals, mosque, libraries, cinemas and schools. It is high power frequency signal jammer. Its jamming area is 5-60 Meters radius. It cost round about $869. Put your order here
  • Pocket jammer :  It’s work extremely work for areas ranging from 0.5 to 10 meter radius. Just think of your class room or meeting rooms. It cost you $249. It’s the lowest price jammer.          

 There are others too like double high power jammer, low power mini jammer, etc. in order to buy just visit cell phone jammer.

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