How can I play youtube videos on my mobile


In this tutorial we will guide you that how to play you Youtube videos on your mobile phone. Before moving forward the question is, what most of guys do on internet? Face book or YouTube! Most of us spend most of our time streaming videos on YouTube. With advancement in mobile phone, they have become our mini computers.  Most of time we our using our mobile phones for browsing. But the question is can we use YouTue on our cell phones?

iPohne and android users:

iPhone and android users have already pre-installed YouTube application on their mobile. They need Wi-Fi or 3G to make it work by simply staring the application.

Nokia/ Sony Ericsson/ windows/others: 

In order to make YouTube work on mobile phone belonging to above mentioned category, follow these steps:

  • Visit here: from your cell phone.
  • According to your mobile phone, download the version. 
  • Install the app on your mobile phone. 
  • YouTube is ready to be use by you.

Sometime, you need to adjust the settings of internet or streaming settings, if you face any error. 

Java Midlet

For specific Nokia and Sony Ericsson cell phones, you can also use Java Midlet. You can salso use ot for accessing YouTube. 


With YouTube on your mobile phone, you can:

  • You can directly upload videos from your cell phone.
  • Share, comment and rate the videos directly from you mobile phone.
  • Record and upload DVD videos.

All you must be willing to download the YouTube app on your cell phone since it has become a necessity. Try it and share your experience of streaming videos on your mobile phone!

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