Google Voice Vs Skype – Comparison


As we know Google Voice is getting very famous now a a days. If you look at the other end, Skype is the king among chat and video users for many years. So here question arise which one is better and what is the differences between Google voices and Skype. Many users get in to the confusion that which one is best to use for the regular chat and calls. So here we try to explore both to understand the difference and pros/cons.



If we look at the Skype main features, Skype gives away following offers:

  1. You can make and receive call from other Skype users.
  2. Using Skype you can make and receive calls from Landline and mobile users.
  3. In your package Skype gives you one DID number where you will get calls. So if someone calls you on the given number, you will receive call on your Skype client which is install on your computer if you computer is off, you can set voicemail which you can get latter, or you can set the way if your system is off the call will atumatically forwarded to your home's landline number, your mobile or to your mom's number where you want. So this one is amzing feature which most user like.
  4. Using Skype you can chat with other Skpye buddies, not only that but you can do video conferencing as well. Eventhough in the Skype new version you can make conferenc call with multiple users. However, for video conferencing you can also try Oovoo. You can review our other article regarding Skpy vs Oovoo.


Skype voice quality is awesome but still voice quality depends on your internet connection, their rates are quite low. Skype is also offering Free unlimited calls to certain countries.

Google Voice:
Now if we look at the Google Voice features, we will find many but the best thing is, free and you can make free calls to US and Canada just for free for unlimited duration with best voice quality. Google voice is a new player in the market but we all know google, they get famous very soon for each new product. Also in Google voice case Gmail is invovled which makes it more apparent.


Google voice gives away the following offers:

  1. You can make and recieve calls. You don't need to download any softphone or dialer app etc but you can make calls from within your Gmail account. All you need to do is simply download a Google Voice Addon. You will manage everyone within google account.
  2. Google voice offers video conferencing feature as well.
  3. The best feature of Google voice is, they give you a FREE DID number forever which you can use for your business and other social activities.
  4. Ring more than one phone for same call. If you are not in mood to listen to a call, you set the way it will ring your mobile, then ring to your room number and so on. Is not it cool feature i.e. a call will follow you :)
  5. You can set a video answering system, so you can ask the caller for their name and other identification before answering the call.
  6. Using Google Voice you can set custom greetings for different users, for different groups. So you can set normal greetings for everyone but especial greeting for a specific group. This is very cool feature which is only offered by Google voice.

I hope now any new user can decide which one is best and which one should be used but still decision is yours. Please share your experience with us.


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  1. James Faulkner April 2, 2014 at 8:19 am #

    Skype and Google voice are good social interaction software's. But businesses prefer better security and guaranteed attendance: hence most of them use RHUB`s web conferencing servers. It provides maximum customization with total security.


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