Google Nexus S Vs Samsung Galaxy S


Google Nexus S and Samsung galaxy S are among those phones that almost have similar functions and fall under the same range of price. Both of them are supported with android software. Just let us look closely inside the features of both the cell phones, which is better? Google Nexus S is the Google owned cell phone with marvelous features and Samsung galaxy S has better selling graph. Some of the differences or features of Samsung Galaxy S and Google Nexus S are:


Samsung Galaxy S comes in 4 inch AMOLED gorilla glass display. While Google Nexus S is available in two models with 4 inch curved glass screen. I9020 comes in AMOLED display and i9023 comes in super LCD display. Both of these sets have resolution of 400X800.


Both the sets have the 5 megapixel camera and secondary VGA camera for video calls. Galaxy S has the availability of recording HD videos which is not present in Google Nexus. Galaxy S does not have an LED flash but the Google Nexus has the LED flash. 


Galaxy is available in 16 GB and 32 GB while Google Nexus in only available in 16 GB. Moreover Nexus S do not have the microSD slot which is present in Galaxy S. it can support storage of 32GB. That sounds pretty good.


Both the cell phones have the option of GPS. Wi-Fi brands are also very mush similar supporting 802.11n and 802.11bg band. Galaxy S has Bluetooth 3.0 while Nexus S supports 2.1bluetooth.

Operating system:

Galaxy S supports Gingerbread 2.3.3 with Samsung’s user interface while Nexus supports 2.3.4 with android user interface. This is one of the features that make it excellent. It is only mobile that will receive updates from Google.

Battery and processor:

1500mAH battery is present in both these sets. Galaxy S provides 14 hours of talk time and 713 hour of standby time. In contrast, Google Nexus provides 13 hours of talk time and 740 hours of standby time.

512 MB of RAM along with a GHz ARM Cortex –A8 processor is present in both the mobile phones.


Galaxy has FM radio option while Nexus do not supports this option. Nexus has a 3-axis Gyro sensor that enables you to play games more efficiently. 


The Galaxy S cost you $450 while Nexus S cost you $417. If you want to enjoy the high graphic video then Samsung Galaxy S is the good choice but if you prefer android then Google Nexus S is appropriate choice. 

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