China bans the dirty SMS

Censorship in China has long been a presence in digital media and particularly has retaliated in cellular phone users (almost a house of witches). It is well known to the Internet censorship in China, with key words that are banned, and until we talk here about the censorship of SMS abuse in this country.



Today we woke up with the news that China is now banned the text messages which contain pornographic contents. In other words, if you sent sexual text message to your girlfriend in China, you will be caught before reaching home and you will be punished according to the law.

This initiative was taken by the largest operator of this country, China Mobile. China mobile has more than 518 million users till this January. This cellular operator has the luxury censor board to censor the dirty messages and may even disrupt service to users.

Obviously the people are enraged by such action so much, so that the forums and Chinese blogs are full of complaints about this situation. Really a measure almost medieval.


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