Cheap Phone Calls Using VoIP

The development of digitization is now reaching a point where there was no significant difference between communication technology and information technology. All absorbed into an inseparable unity. Digitalization will bring many significant changes, especially with the more rapid use of Internet protocol technology in all devices.

In some mobile devices, for example, readily available application called Push-to-Talk (PTT) as an interesting feature that allows users to use mobile phones to talk on the network infrastructure, Internet protocol-based (Internet protocol / IP), such as the Internet network.

How it works simple, make the phone like a handy-talkie and spoke with users taking turns talking. However, until now this PTT feature will not be introduced by the operator because its revenues undermine dianggapakan. In addition, the operator penarifan imagine how that could be done to use this PTT.

So far, the service was a major obstacle that prevents consumers to enjoy a variety of technological advances. The use of IP technology is already very far developed and barely held back by anyone, including the operators who fear no longer be a "significant player" in information communications technology advances.

VoIP Features

One important element of technological progress is the presence of IP voice over internet protocol (VoIP) which have been regarded as the telecom operators a serious threat to revenue conversations using mobile phone (or phone) for near and far distances.

Until now, the telecom operators are still not determine whether the VoIP attitude will serve as customer service or a new product that will threaten the future of digital conversation.

On the other hand, VoIP technology itself is considered as a "digital toys" for the people who called the "techie" for the procedure using convoluted.

So far, ordinary people are more comfortable using VoIP technology using third-party services with the purchase card rub (scratch cards) which allows them to make long-distance conversation.

This week, Nokia introduced a new application features for use in mobile phone E series (such as E90 or the E61i) is referred to as VoIP Settings Wizard to work with local companies inTouch. This feature allows mobile phone users make VoIP conversation without having to make the necessary arrangements on mobile devices to be used as a VoIP-capable phone.

Live phone users run applications made in this and two inTouch access providers VoIP conversations, each VoIP CBN and the People, will be automatically connected. Those who register on the site VoIP Rakyat(, can make the cell phone as a VoIP conversations with a number to call himself a similar extension on the office phone system.

The use of VoIP phones in talks for a cheap long distance, mobile phone users can use the CBN which provides vouchers, which allow users to refill if the remaining time up VoIP conversations.

The resulting sound quality as in the GSM-based conversations; highly depends on the quality of the wireless signal is used (such as hotspots in the hotel or mall). Users can also use the 3G access (triji), using high-speed wireless access to mobile VoIP conversation.

The presence of features that facilitate the utilization and use of VoIP is, and indicates that IP technology can not be contained. Interestingly, now is the opportunity for anyone to become a VoIP telecommunications operator, which provides network access to the Internet as infrastructure. (RLP)

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