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Secure your videoconferencing

5 ways to secure your Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become an important necessity for multinational company. At the same time the need to secure your video conferencing has also become very essential. Basically, they are two kind of risk associated with it: The hackers can get access to contacts and your directory by hacking your system. The hackers can get access to […]

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Top VoIP Providers in Pakistan Review

Pakistan is one the hot VoIP market due to a huge papulation and expensive calling rates.Therefore people inside the Pakistan as well as outsiders who want to call pakistan look for the cheapest calling rates.Here in this article we will give you some information about major VoIP based providers in Pakistan which can provide you […]

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Make free calls from Internet that actually works

Would you beleive now you can make free calls through internet through your PC and mobile phone. And that’s what we have brought for you today. It’s easy and you can make free calls anywhere without spending a cent. You dont' need to sign-up, no registration, no credit card and no any other fee required.   […]

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5 Best VoIP Apps for mobile

    As the advancements in VoIP apps progresses, the way we make phone calls is constantly changing. Many of the VoIP applications make it possible to video chat or make phone calls for free. To use and download any VoIP application for your smartphone, access to a mobile broadband connection is needed. While there are […]

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Skype Integration with GoToMeeting

  Skype and GoToMeetng both are very popular for conferencing. Skype is widely being used for Video conferencing and GoToMeeting has good stack in the market for audio conferencing and content sharing. So people use these both systems separately accordingly to their requirements, especially business class can not live without GoToMeeting. Actualy Skype can do […]

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Google Voice Vs Skype – Comparison

  As we know Google Voice is getting very famous now a a days. If you look at the other end, Skype is the king among chat and video users for many years. So here question arise which one is better and what is the differences between Google voices and Skype. Many users get in […]

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How does VoIP connect you to friends and family for free

  There are number of methods to connect with the people using free VoIP. With the progress in the field of technology and telecom now it is not difficult to stay connected with the people. We can find different method of connection like cell phone and also high-speed internet connection. But now more people are […]

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