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Enrich your lifestyle with Tablet

Tablets Can Make Your Life Smooth To Cope Up With The Advanced Lifestyle

  The tablet is one of the hottest inventions in the world of latest technology. Presently, in the android market, tablet is gaining a wide popularity especially because of its features and smart looks. The demand of tablets is growing in the market. In comparison to iPad, tablets are more popular and they are quite […]

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Andorid USSD hack

How to prevent Android mobile from the Dirty USSD hack with X-Ray App

If your are using an Android device that runs on anything less than Android 4.1.x, then you are under serious threat from the Dirty USSD hack. This hack uses the Android dialer to involuntarily "call" a USSD code, which can be spread through legal looking URL’s, an NFC attack, or a nasty QR code. The […]

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4 Tips to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

  Browsing the Internet has become quite the pastime in the digital age. After all, much of how we interact and access and share information is based online. But when it comes to browsing the web, one thing that can really hamper the experience is a slow Internet connection. To prevent sluggish web surfing, use […]

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Speed up your PC

How to speed up your computer for gaming for free

If you think that your PC is running slow and you want to speed up your computer then you can double the speed by PC Decrapifier. Many of us have installed many useless applications on our computer. PC Decrapifier will remove all these unwanted files in no time, don't worry you will not lost any […]

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What is QR code and how it works

What are the QR Codes and how do they work with Nokia Lumia

Although QR Codes are very much in the market since previous years but still you still you don't know what are the QR Codes? These are matrix barcode that can be read by scanners and mobile phones having camera. They are extremely helpful for quick linking to content on smart-phones. Previously I have been using […]

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How to recover forgotten wi-fi password

How to recover forgotten Wi-Fi password

I have been using Wi-Fi since a very long time. Recently I bought Samsung Galaxy and I wanted to use internet on my mobile phone. But before enabling internet on my  samsung galaxy s3, I needed to have Wi-Fi password and I was putting stress on my mind so that I can remember the series […]

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Nokia google map

How to enable Google maps on your mobile phone

  The days have gone when the phones were used for only call and SMS. Now, you can use Google Maps on your mobile phone to know what’s around you. Yeah! That’s true and possible with Google maps. Google maps guide you step by step. You can know the total time required to reach your […]

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