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iPad facts

iPod Facts in a Nutshell

If you are asking the question what is the iPod, it is a portable media player created by Apple. The first model was released in November 2001, and there are currently four versions available: the hard drive-based iPod classic, the touch screen iPod touch, the compact iPod Nano and the ultra-compact iPod shuffle.   Overview […]

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How to factory reset iPhone 5 to default settings

With the launch of the new iPhone 5 apple seems to have strengthen its grip on the smartphone market, and its showing no signs of slowing down. The new iPhone gives a lot better account of apple when comparing it with the Samsung galaxy series. Although the feature are pretty much the same apart from […]

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turn your iphone 4 into iPhone 5

Turn your iPhone 4S into an iPhone 5

I’m sure most people will agree, the new iPhone 5 is the best looking, sleekest iPhone yet to come from Apple. It looks amazing. It’s a very simliar shape to the iPhone 4S; it’s a little taller and about 33% slimmer than the 4S, but besides that, the differences are just in the materials used […]

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Watch TV on online

How to watch Sky TV online free on your iPhone

  If you got iPhone, then you don’t have to turn your TV on because using Wi-Fi your iPhone can do so. In fact, it is great idea to watch Sky TV online free on your iPhone because of high sound and picture quality. If anyone does not know how to do so, no problem, […]

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block unwanted calls

How To Block Unwanted Calls On Your iPhone

Uffff…I was disturbed by an unknown number and for one week I was totally upset ego to know that how I can block unwanted calls. I have to keep my iPohne 4 on every time and the whole week I could not get a proper sleep. I tried a lot to find who this guy […]

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How to recover your stolen iPhone

  Everybody knows about Iphone. People always get worry because they have to take lot of care for their iPhone’s. But still, people misplaced it or sometimes it gets stolen. In both cases they lose their important data and contacts. Sometimes iphone is in their homes or offices, but still it’s difficult for them to […]

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Facebook App pics for iPhone and iPad

  There were some doubts about Facebook application for iPhone . For too long we were waiting for a specific application without much success, until finally today we encountered a series of images of what may be the above application.   Apparently the application is quite elaborate and performs all functions of the web version , such as […]

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