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The future of mobile phones

Over the past decade or so, the various brands of smart phones have acquired the same type of form factor. When we think of a smart phone these days we think of a set of expected attributes. A large touchscreen is the norm, set into a rigid hand-held device with a mini-keyboard below the screen. […]

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Reset blackberry factory setting

How do I reset my Blackberry to factory default settings

Business class usually used BlackBerry and many of them still do not know how to reset their phones. First thing you need to know is that when you are doing so your whole data will be removed; build in memory is also included in it. Most importantly when you do so, the services which you […]

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Some Interesting Tips For Your Cell Phone You Never Know

This time I have brought some interesting tips for your cell phone. No matters you use Nokia, Samsung or any other. It’ for everyone. And the best thing is that it’s free. Emergency number:          The emergency number is “112”. It can be used from any part of the world and is valid with every […]

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How To Choose A Best Cell Phone Operator?

There are a lot of networks and mostly people get confused to choose a best cell phone operator. The cell phone operator you use makes a difference in your monthly bills. And the most important thing is that the same mobile operator may not work for everyone. I have seen a number of people who […]

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How cell phone jammer works and can increase the productivity

Development in technology has resulted in cheap mobile phones and that’s the reason now a days we see it in the hands of every child. A recent study has shown that most of students in schools used their mobile phones frequently in messaging and playing games. This all together have negative effect on their learning. […]

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Apple beta version IOS 5.1

  Many of us are still waiting for IOS version 5.0.2 but in the meantime Apple has posted the announcement of a new beta version of its Operating System to iPhone, iPod touch and iPhone, making available to developers iOS 5.1 Beta to debug it as possible before its official release, not yet know when […]

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A new HTC Runnymede cell phone

  A strong news is spreading around about king of phone, a new HTC Runnymede. This is a mobile device with a huge screen with high quality display. It has very awesome design with surprise features. Here are some known features of HTC Runnymede: Powerful single-core processor at 1.5 GHz Power Android Gingerbread. 768 Mb […]

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