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Free Digium Hardware

If you are unsure of the ability to use Asterisk and Digium in a telecommunication solutions, take any equipment from Digium product line for testing. In order to receive equipment for testing, you must do the following: Pay the bond in the amount of the total cost; Pay for delivery (not required for own); Use […]

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Nokia SIP settings

There can be many but I’m seeing E65 first Nokia phone which works well with Asterisk using SIP protocol. Here is the Nokia E65 SIP settings: < ![endif]–>

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Asterisk queues.conf

In Asterisk queues.con file is where we define queues and the way that how to handle the callers. • Reasonable queuing support within Asterisk • Queues can have static or dynamic members • Members can be channels, or Agents • Automatic distribution of calls based on queue strategy Here is queues.conf options are available:

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Buletooth with Asterisk PBX

Asterisk is an open source software PBX with almost all the features of commercial hardware PBXs. Deployable on Linux its one of the hottest open source products in the telecom market. Asterisk works with IP telephony as well as legacy telephone systems. Asterisk can handle IVRs, voice mail etc with custom configurable modules. The bluetooth […]

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Digium Telephony TDM Cards

Digium Telephony TDM Cards

Digium Analog Card: X100P ● Effectively a special modem ● Single FXO port ● PCI only ● Price – $30 ● Zaptel driver: wcfxo How to configure Digium X100P card Digium Digital Card: B410P ● Four BRI ports PCI-only ● Works outside of North America only ● Price: $850-$950 ● Zaptel driver: b410p ● Hardware […]

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Asterisk Redundancy

Obtaining a reliable, fault tolerant, highly available system with ASTERISK� has been difficult and nearly impossible especially from the PRI/TDM standpoint. IP based toolsets have been around for a number of years to allow integrators the ability to provide fault-tolerance on the VoIP side of their implementation. Until today however, providing quick, reliable and robust […]

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Asterisk AGI

What is AGI? The Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI) is a way to interface with Asterisk much like CGI is for Apache. It is language agnostic, and there are example scripts in PHP, Perl, and Python to name a few. The reason for this versatility is that AGI uses standard streams that are connected with modern […]

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