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Asterisk 1.8 Features

  As you know Digium is releasing Asterisk versions very quickly. Recently Asterisk Major release introduced in the telephony playground and that is Asterisk 1.8.0. This is basically under beta but still many telephony companies are concerned with this version as this will be lasting for 4 years and there will be no major release […]

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Configuring Linksys PAP2 ATA with Asterisk

  This guide will demonstrate the process of configuring a Linksys PAP2 ATA with Asterisk to make calls between two regular phones. Operating system used in this tutorial is Debian GNU / Linux (etch), kernel version 2.6.18-5-486 was used.    Environment used  – ATA Linksys PAP2;  – 2 analog phones;  – A hub;    Requirements  […]

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Cisco support for Asterisk

  For some time, Cisco was interested in the compatibility of its VoIP telephony related products with other VoIP vendors, very specifically, to bring their handsets compatible with open-source PBX systems, and more specifically to Asterisk and manufacturers developing their products especially oriented to this system, Digium. But this is not the only vendor, 3Com […]

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Asterisk integration with ChanSkype

ChanSkype recently released new version 1.2.11, a product that can be achieved using a SkypeOut calls through Asterisk. Using this you can make your Skype calls through Asterisk, now think yourself how you can utilize this ChanSkpye setup in your requirements i.e. You can make calls on Skpye networks from your cell phone, as well […]

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Asterisk chan_dahdi

Since Asterisk is most famous opensource telephony platforum out there. The main reason of the popularity is its integration various telecoms service through telephony modules and hardware. Hence most of the people confuse when they upgrade their Asterisk and they do not find chan_zap module in the Asterisk modules directory. Asterisk wonder what’s wrong with […]

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Corporate Asterisk

The British manufacturer of equipment for IP telephony can begin delivery of pre-IP PBX Asterisk. Will this be another step toward widespread use of open source in VoIP? Will Asterisk choice of operators? Digium, a company that promotes Asterisk in the corporate segment, is preparing for the integration of open PBX infrastructure providers of telecommunications […]

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Asterisk 1.6

The company Digium announced the release of version 1.6.0 asterisk. This is the first official release of version 1.6, differs from the previous 1.4 branch substantial number of new features brief review below. SIP Changes: One of the most significant change is that now SIP signaling can be carried out not only on the UDP […]

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