Best GPS Android applications for your cell phone

Before sharing best GPS Android application detail with you let me tell you that we all admire the fact that GPS has helped us a lot in this era of technology. A number of applications are being used widely by all of us. Very often I and my friends have lot of talk about phone based GPS and navigation devices. They are almost same but I personally think that more difficult tasks can be easily done by GPS. I have used a number of Android applications. Some of the best applications are as follow:


This is one of the most popular android GPS applications. If you are planning to go for a trip, then you can manage for your schedule form start to end. It will include everything such as from where to eat, where to stay, etc. you can get informed during your trip through voice alerts.


Google map navigation

You can view any location in the world with GPS based phone through Google map navigation. The only requirement is having a android version of more than 1.6.



Now your friends can know about your location. You don’t need any kind of registration. Now you don’t need to answer "where are you". You can pinpoint on the map when you are following someone on the move. This feature make it different.



You can share your location with your friends. The only basic requirement is that the both end users should be Loopt users. It is a marvelous android application that helps you to know your friend’s location through alerts.



This is one the beast application I have ever used. With this application you program your phone. Just as remind me to charge mobile at 7.00 pm. That sound’s really pretty.


Places directory

If you are feeling bored and want to know any place you can visit, then this application is must. You can browse according to your category you are interested in it. You can know how far it is? Other than this you can also see the pictures to know about the place.


If you haven’t tried out with these applications, then you must give it a try. It’s a lot of fun and entertainment, really!

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