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As you know Digium is releasing Asterisk versions very quickly. Recently Asterisk Major release introduced in the telephony playground and that is Asterisk 1.8.0. This is basically under beta but still many telephony companies are concerned with this version as this will be lasting for 4 years and there will be no major release in this four years time. Also users going to work on this in their labs because it has some outstanding features.


If I talk about my expereince with Asterisk 1.8.0 testing, here you go:

I have installed 1.8 on my development machine for testing purposes. From the look and feel did not really know what changed.

But beneath the surface a lot is happening for me was the importance of MGCP / NCS support. Also there're some very features added in SIP and Queues applications. Also alot of other applications and dialplan functioned added in this version. The current status beta2 gibts there but a few mistakes, even one caused a crash of the Asterisk, which is a patch from the Asterisk ISSUE tracker can clean up but by the error in the beta2, which has led to a crash in from the Beta 3 fixed, although there are a few bugs in all beta versions.


Here is brief overview:

  • IPv6 support for some VoIP protocols (I have not yet tested)
  • MGCP / NCS for the connection of VoIP cable modems
  • Full support G.722
  • Full T.38 support
  • and much more …


Give it a try by yourself in your lab. Test it thoroughly from all aspects. But make sure you don't put Asterisk 1.8 in production at this time. I'd suggest to give it a couple of months and let it to be stable but meanwhile you can study it from your relevant VoIP protocols, applications and other functions. Soon, I'll share the lis of Asterisk 1.8 features. If you have any questions or comments, please give your feedback on Asterisk 1.8 in comments area.


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3 Responses to Asterisk 1.8 Features

  1. Boris December 19, 2010 at 10:58 pm #

    I am interested if you try to connect your asterisk with other PBX?

  2. admin December 20, 2010 at 1:34 pm #

    I assume both PBXs are Asterisk IP based, you can simply connect them using SIP or IAX. IAX method is recommend due to various reasons, specially for low bandwidth. Here you can find the steps that how to connect two PBXs

    Hope this help. Please let me know if it didn’t work for you.

  3. Sunny December 25, 2010 at 12:38 pm #

    Anyone tried Asterisk 1.8 in testing or in production enviroment? Can someone share some results for SIP, IAX and other configs changes?

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