Apple beta version IOS 5.1


Many of us are still waiting for IOS version 5.0.2 but in the meantime Apple has posted the announcement of a new beta version of its Operating System to iPhone, iPod touch and iPhone, making available to developers iOS 5.1 Beta to debug it as possible before its official release, not yet know when will happen.

presents a comprehensive list of changes but no substantive changes with respect to the current version of the operating system. It focuses primarily on correcting errors existing is yet another cover some security hole . On the other hand adds some new features to voice recognition system , and Apple probably has also worked in the correction of certain errors affecting the battery life , a on some terminals, but it remains clear that iOS 5.1 To achieve better results in terms of autonomy.

Along with this new revision of the platform also lays the groundwork for implementing iTunes definitely Match (which has now been some delays) by adding new configuration options in the settings section of the devices. 


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