Android Monitoring Software for Remote Tracking and the Installation Procedure

Android phones are feature laden and with the scores of applications that can be downloaded, their utility value is touching a new height every day.

Android monitoring software uses

Now, situations could arise when parents need to watch suspicious mobile activities of their children to whom they have given Android phones or employers want to watch their staff members’ Android mobile usage. To cope with such tracking requirements, Android mobile monitoring apps are available in the market.

Andorid monitoring

By using the GPS facility, the Android monitoring app installed on an Android mobile is able to pin point the mobile’s current location. If the Android mobile gets lost, the sensitive data can be remotely deleted or the mobile can be locked and a siren activated. The latest SIM info can also be obtained, thus giving the mobile owner a chance to track and retrieve his/ her precious Android mobile.

How to install Android Monitoring Software step by step?

Installing an Android monitoring app. such as, Mobile Spy is very simple. Once the software has been subscribed to and a username –password has been created, the app is ready to be installed. 

  1. From the settings menu go to the “About Phone” tab of the Android mobile and find the OS version of the phone. This is to choose the mobile app version to be downloaded matching the OS version.

  2. Go to Settings and then to Applications. Check the checkbox next to Unknown Sources. This will now permit non-market applications like the monitoring app to be installed. Note: In case the Unknown Sources option is absent, the mobile service provider might have restricted it.

  3. Click on your Browser icon to open the phone’s browser.

  4. You will need to type in the URL address given by the developer for downloading the monitoring app onto the mobile and click “Go”.

  5. The monitoring app download begins now.

  6. Once the download is over, tap on the button displayed so that the installation can start.

  7. You will typically be shown a confirmation message for installing the app (the app name is likely to be camouflaged for display on the Application List of the device).

  8. Once you confirm by clicking on the “Install” button the monitoring app gets installed.

  9. The “Completed” or “Done” screen now appears and you can click on the button displayed to exit from the installation process.

  10. Now Power Off the Android mobile, and wait for a few seconds and Power On. The mobile monitoring app begins running.

  11. The next action is usually to configure the monitoring app’s features to choose the activities and data that need to be recorded.

These are the general steps to be taken for installing any Android monitoring app. As the monitoring app runs in stealth mode, the mobile user remains unaware of the scrutiny. Once the recording begins, the user who has initiated the monitoring app can log into the application account to view the various mobile related logs/ reports. From these records, it is possible to draw the complete picture of the mobile’s activity and its current location too.


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