5 ways to secure your Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become an important necessity for multinational company. At the same time the need to secure your video conferencing has also become very essential. Basically, they are two kind of risk associated with it:

Secure your videoconferencing

  • The hackers can get access to contacts and your directory by hacking your system.

  • The hackers can get access to your ongoing videoconference.

If you are someone who belongs to company which uses conference calling as a communication channel, then you must realize that second point is of huge importance to them. Just imagine what will be the consequences if the hackers employed from your competitive company gains access to your videoconference? Your secret information can be leaked out, you can lose your and all those about which you are thinking right now. Apply these 5 ways to make your videoconferencing absolutely secure:

  1. Most of the videoconferencing companies provide you with the feature of encryption. This is one of the build in security feature that make your videoconferencing more secure and protected than before. What you have to do, is to turn on this feature.

  2. When you are having videoconference on large scale, always have a PIN code or security code for security purpose. The main purpose is that only those members will join the conference, who knows the code.

  3. Check out the settings of your videoconference. Adjust them accordingly in order to restrict unknown persons from joining it. For example there is option of auto answer. And many times it is turned on. You need to turn it off.

  4. When making a videoconference never put your system directly on the internet.

  5. Large companies should have a proper security system for videoconferencing. They should have IT staff in order to manage it.

Before it’s too late, try out with these 5 ways to secure your videoconferencing!!!

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