4 Tips to Speed Up Your Internet Connection


Browsing the Internet has become quite the pastime in the digital age. After all, much of how we interact and access and share information is based online. But when it comes to browsing the web, one thing that can really hamper the experience is a slow Internet connection. To prevent sluggish web surfing, use these 4 tips:

1. Choose a high-speed, broadband connection

The most proactive approach to speeding up your Internet is to get a high-speed broadband connection if you don't already have one. Click here to find a broadband provider in your area.

These days, web pages and applications are so media-rich and require such bandwidth that it can be impossible to enjoy the Web without a high-speed connection. High-speed broadband enables you to send and receive more data from your Internet service provider, which ultimately results in faster, more efficient browsing.

2. Update your Internet hardware

Some people have high-speed Internet connections but don't get the full benefit because they're using antiquated hardware. Broadband Internet has been around for more than a decade, so if you're still using an older modem or router, it may need to be replaced with hardware that has less "mileage."

3. Choose a browser for optimal performance

Most people have used the same Internet browser since they purchased their first computer. For Windows users, Internet Explorer has been the de facto standard since Windows 95 was released. And for Mac users, the company's proprietary Safari browser is the popular choice. For optimal performance, try a third party browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera and see which works best with your computer and Internet connection. Many people see instant connection speed improvements.

4. Limit bandwidth usage

Perhaps the most common cause of slow Internet connections, even with broadband service, is the excessive use of bandwidth. If you have 5 browser Windows open at once or you're using lots of web-based applications, your Internet consumes more data. This can drastically reduce your speeds. For optimal performance, keep a limited number of windows/tabs open, and limit your use of web-based applications to the ones that you need at the time.

Speeding up your online experience is easy. Use these 4 tips and you should see some substantial improvements.

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